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Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire homeowners:

Are you looking to make your home warmer, greener, and cheaper-to-run over the next 12 months?

Severn Wye Energy Agency may be able to provide technical support and advice on how to best invest in your home:

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Household Energy Advice

In Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire the Warm and Well service is the place to access free, impartial advice for your home energy concerns and projects.

Warm and Well is a service that has been provided to Gloucestershire by the same public partners that are developing Retrofit Centre with additional support from our local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

This service is available to EVERYONE.

Warm and Well service does include a core objective to support our most vulnerable householders but, it is there for everyone. Its team of energy advice experts have their finger on the pulse of funding streams and local services to support your plans.

Before you take up any offers on improving the energy performance of your home we advise you to speak with our experts at Warm and Well:

Freephone: 0800 500 3076

Warm and Well is delivered for us by Severn Wye Energy Agency. They also offer paid for services that can help you understand the energy context of your home better and plan the route to improving it.



Historically retrofit action has been driven by the need to address affordable warmth challenges and by the national government grant schemes established in answer to these.

This is realising improvements to some of the most poorly energy performing homes in our area and is a service provision we are keen to protect in the face of rising costs and imported fossil fuel supplies. The beneficiaries of grants through this service tend to be tenants and other householders with financial and/or health difficulties because this is where national funding streams are directed.

Today’s challenges of cost of living and climate crisis require new services that provide support to a broader range of householders to that they can also improve their homes.  We are building Retrofit Centre to support this need.

The Innovate to Renovate Partnership are rising to the challenges.


The UK’s green mortgage market is showing signs that it is ready for lift off. Encouraged by the innovation of peers in this space, banks and building societies in the UK are launching green mortgage products at an ever increasing rate.

Green Mortgage products come in a variety of different forms, but all aim to incentivise homeowners to invest in improving the energy efficiency of their properties.