About us

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Find out more about who is behind Retrofit Centre and its wider context

Retrofit Centre is being developed by a group of local authorities working together as the ‘Innovate to Renovate’ partnership. This partnership was formalised in 2021 to achieve…

  • Collaboration on retrofit issues with homeowners and the providers of services linked to retrofit to pave the way to more robust service provision.
  • Increased awareness and understanding for homeowners about the benefits of and approach to a lower carbon home
  • Visible countywide leadership at a public sector level and a single point of entry to Gloucestershire services.
  • An informed approach to ‘renovating’ the county’s retrofit services offering and a model of how this can be supported
About you

Part of our work to create the Retrofit Centre is about understanding what motivates people to be interested in and deliver retrofit actions of their own.

If you have something to say about our idea or have experience or questions you want to share with us please join one of our events or contact us at: retrofitcentre@stroud.gov.uk