About Retrofit

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Retrofit in this instance is about modifying an existing home. This could be something small like adding draughtproofing to something bigger like adding solar panels. There are lots of reasons to undertake retrofit such as:

  • Updating elements inside or out to make them more appealing
  • Improving the comfort of your home
  • Changing the size or layout
  • Investing now to save money in the longer term by lower running costs
  • Reducing your homes carbon footprint

These days, more and more people are also thinking about how their homes contribute to the climate crisis and they want to know how they can change that for the better.

Retrofit centre is being created to support homeowners for all of the above reasons.

Our partnership believes that for whatever reason a householder wants to make retrofit changes we should be helping them to achieve solutions that offer as many benefits as possible. We also believe that all retrofit action should focus on low carbon retrofit because of the all-round benefits this has for the homeowner and as a solution to what we call ‘The Retrofit Challenge’.



The Retrofit Challenge is actually a number of challenges rolled into one:


The Innovate to Renovate Partnership is concerned with finding ways to overcome these challenges by:

  • Generating a sustained demand for low carbon retrofit.
  • Helping homeowners to understand their cumulative potential to very significantly impact upon our carbon outputs by modifying their individual homes.
  • Providing them with good advice; financial tools and the knowledge to be able to undertake retrofit projects with confidence.
  • Establishing online and virtual support services that help people shape their own retrofit journey’s
  • Working with skills providers; installers and suppliers to explore barriers and solutions in their retrofit challenges.

We will be working with local experts to engage with homeowners and others vital to rising to the retrofit challenge to establish the key ingredients Retrofit Centre needs to offer.


Low carbon retrofit is when retrofit is carried out with consideration to how it can improve the efficiency and sustainability of the homes energy performance by including elements that:

In practice this means that projects such as, updating a kitchen or, repairing damage to rendering consider practical features and longer-term benefits as well as thinking about home appearance and user convenience.


Low carbon retrofit has multiple benefits for homeowners: