The Retrofit Centre: Your Gloucestershire go-to source of information on how you can make your home more comfortable, lower bills and help tackle climate change

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For a warmer, greener and cheaper to run home.

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Funded by the South West Net Zero Hub, hosted by the West of England Combined Authority, through the Green Homes Grant’s Local Authority Delivery phase 2.

What we’re doing:

  • We want everyone to be able to make informed choices when making changes to their home so that they can benefit from energy savings, a warmer home, and provide a positive contribution to the climate of the planet.
  • The Retrofit Centre offers a countywide trustworthy library of information on what ‘retrofit’ is, what you could do in your own home- from simple changes like new curtains, to the installation of new tech like heat pumps- and how to go about doing it.
  • You’ll find guidance here on why you should consider these measures, signposting to further advice and services for all across Gloucestershire, a Plan Builder to advise you on the exact options for your own address, and the further support offers within your own Local Authority area.
  • We are doing this so that people can have the confidence and support they need to make good home improvement investments.


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About Retrofit

Understand what retrofit is, what its benefits are and why it’s important.

Plan Builder

Create a tailored refurbishment plan to see retrofit options for your own address

Further Services

Take a look at further support offers, suppliers and services across county and within your Local Authority area

Frequently asked questions: